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Burj Al Arab

Business and financial due diligence

With over 20 years experience in business assessment and due diligence, we provide commercial, financial and tax DD package to the potential buyers of busineses. In our work we use our strategic planning and change mangement skills and knowledge, and focus not just on making sense of the numbers but on identifying the business model, key profit drivers, competitive positioning and strategy of the company targeted for acquisition.

Our experience and understanding of UAE and European market, demand and supply as well as key players and their competitive advantage, provides us with a strong basis for our analysis. In addition, our team is able to identify the key components of each business process within an enterprise and make conclusions on the quality of company management, value added of processes and internal controls.

Please, contact us, to get FREE initial advise on your target potential due diligence needs as well as the M&A process and PMI (Post-merger-integration).