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Local UAE company/ branch in UAE/ professional firm in UAE

If one is doing business on the territory of UAE or if your clients are to be governmental bodies in UAE the registration of resident inland company in UAE (outside of UAE Free Trade Zones) is compulsory.

Local UAE company registration

For companies being registered in the UAE territory (not in a Free Zone) it is required by law that such company is a 49% owned by a foreign citizen and 51% by a UAE national. Still, based on the practice and experience, usually it is possible to structure the business in such a way that it would protect the interests of the business owner to the maximum possible extent.

Registering branch in UAE

With the exemption of foreign companies licensed to operate from the free zone in the UAE, a foreign company may carry on its main activity or business in the UAE or establish an office or branch after a license is issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. For the license to be granted the company must appoint a UAE national or a corporate body, the partners or shareholders of which are all UAE nationals, as agent of the company.

To register a branch of a foreign company in Dubai and the UAE Free Trade Zone the incorporation documents of the mother company are required. These documents are to be legalized in the UAE embassy in the country of its incorporation and then – in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.

We shall help you to choose the right form of the FTZ company, which is most efficient to achieve your objectives, and we shall prepare and legalize all necessary documents required for the company incorporation.

Setting up a professional firm in UAE.

Individuals who provide professional services such as lawyers, audit and consulting companies acting outside of UAE Free Trade Zones can belong to 100% to a foreign citizen and the requirement to have a local partner is limited to the Local Service Agent, who would represent the company when contacting with UAE Governmental Authorities on the matters of visas for employees and when contacting with the other UAE Governmental authorities.

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