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Offshore company in UAE

Opening offshore company in UAE is the acknowledged and effective instrument of tax planning and assets protection. There are three Free Trade Zones in UAE (FTZ) which provide the possibility to open offshore (IBC) companies in UAE. GPE Enterprises, as a licensed and registered agent for RAK Offshore company registration shall assist you with the full process of RAK Offshore company formation, bank account opening in Dubai and further administration.

Benefits of offshore companies in UAE and Dubai:

  • 100% ownership by foreign shareholders – legal or physical persons of any residency
  • complete tax exemption.
  • companies’ registry with the data on directors and shareholders is not public.
  • generally no requirements for minimum share capital.
  • no restrictions on capital and profits expatriation.
  • reliable regulations on confidentiality.
  • memorandum and Articles are provided in English language.

Typical cases of use of offshore companies registered in Free Trade Zones of United Arab Emirates (FTZ of the UAE):

  • Holding with assets abroad.
  • Electronic commerce.
  • Professional services.
  • Holding and management of real estate in the UAE.
  • Opening and managing bank accounts (in UAE and abroad).

Benefits of having an offshore company in UAE

  • The United Arab Emirates have long-standing reputation of a solid and tax-free jurisdiction. Due to the compliance with all international requirements on anti-money laundering the UAE have never been black-listed and was never considered by international anti-money laundering organizations as an offshore jurisdiction.
  • The UAE is not part of the OECD agreement. Thus, offshore companies registered in UAE today are one of the most effective protection instruments of confidentiality and investors rights.
  • The United Arab Emirates have solid and stable banking system for business of offshore company UAE.
  • The United Arab Emirates have the very sound reputation as the strong international player and as the developed business hub providing solid base for thousands of companies from worldwide.
  • Time required for opening offshore company in Dubai UAE takes around 1-3 business days.

It is important to remember though, that the offshore companies are not considered tax resident in the country of its registration (UAE) thus cannot use the advantages of the UAE Double Tax Treaties.

Offshore company can be registered only by the registered agent. GPE Enterprises FZ-LLC, being the registered agent with RAK Investment Authority possesses the official agent licence for RAK Offshore companies registration.

We shall manage the full process of opening an offshore company in RAK for you as well as shall open Dubai bank account for it in a solid and reliable bank. We have wide network of UAE and international banks with different requirements on the minimum balance, personal presence at the time of account opening, available banking services, etc.

Please, contact us to get your FREE initial advice on opening offshore company in UAE, RAK as well as bank account opening in Dubai