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Burj Al Arab

Opening bank accounts with UAE banks

The financial sector of the United Arab Emirates is one of the top three largest sectors in the Gulf Region. The Central bank of the United Arab Emirates sets high requirements to the bank’s capital adequacy, therefore the banks of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are among the most reliable ones in the world.

The banks in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE have relatively low tariffs on banking services, easy to understand reporting requirements and high quality of services with very competitive fees and loyalty to clients.

Most of the banks in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE provide the client with an efficient service including a possibility of a distant access through internet and telephone banking systems, which makes Dubai bank account opening a very attractive and cost-efficient option.

GPE Enterprises will help you to open all types of bank accounts in Dubai taking into consideration your requirements regarding the available banking services, its type, tariffs and required minimal deposit amount.

If you need more detailed information with regards to opening bank account in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates please do not hesitate to contact us.